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Why write?

I am no author, I assure you, but I hope to carve out my own little space of the internet to house the swirling stories that flood my head. 

Even wee Jade knew that stories, good stories, were something worth protecting. I began writing and journaling at a very young age and recently uncovered some of my old diaries. One journal, from my third grade writing class, was filled with delightful little zingers that were clearly daily prompts to check off. Reading these stories aloud to my family was a laughing good time and my oldest son had fun chuckling at my silly dramatic anecdotes. He delighted in telling me I hadn't departed far from that sassy, school hating, word lover. 

None of those stories in that journal would have won any awards or meant anything particularly special. But they were simple, sweet glimpses into the childhood that I cherished. I realized I was grateful to have those for my own children to read through (and consequently laugh over). 

So here I am. Writing for the now. But also for the later. Because I want to remember these hay days. And maybe inspire a little joy along the way.